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Quotes and Ordering information

Hey gang! Sophie here. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me to Luskwood, it's been a great time getting to know you guys. Anyhoo, on to business!

We have recently changed the way we do quotes and accept commissions. If you'd like to get a costume from us at some point, following these steps will ensure that you're prepared and ready!

  1. Get Exceptional Concept Art

    This step is the most important. We do not use concept art as just a color reference at Luskwood. We try to match the proportions, style and overall feel of the concept art to the best of our abilities. Considering this, we will reject concept art that is weak, unfinished, or sloppily drawn; it would reflect badly in the final costume.

    We recommend that you spend anywhere from $ 40 to 100 on extremely good concept art. A great starting place for finding an excellent artist is our concept art page.

  2. Submit a Quote With Our Form

    We currently have a rolling quote system. Quotes are always available. Submitting a quote to Luskwood is basically asking for pre-approval of your costume idea.

    Grab your shiny new concept art and toss it into our form. Choose the options you'll want for your costume and submit it! We'll normally get back to you within three days (unless we're super busy).

    If your concept art is exceptional and we think we'd be able to do a great job with your idea, you'll receive an exact quote from us!

  3. Decide if You Like the Quote We Sent

    If you're happy with what we gave you, let us know you're interested! If you are, we'll add you to our notify list. Being on this list does not guarantee you will receive a slot with us, but you will be the first to know when new slots open!

  4. Watch Your Email and Our Blog

    We may post to our LiveJournal account before we open up for more slots, but typically we will not. Our system will automatically email each person on our notify list in the order that they asked to be placed on it. This does mean that you stand a better shot of being accepted the longer you have been waiting.

    If you get an email from us, open it and click the link inside and you will know instantly if you have snagged a slot or not (it's all automatic). If you did get a slot, we'll expect a deposit within the next seven business days to hold it.

We're always trying to improve our process, so please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. :)

When will we be opening for slots using this new system? Most likely sometime in early 2009. So get your quotes in! :)

As always, remember that AIM is our primary form of communication for quick questions and concerns (so get an account before you fill out our form). Email is best for changes to your costume or complicated inquiries.

Thanks for considering us and we look forward to working with you!


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