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Luskwood Creatures Open for Commissions

We're now open for commissions from September to December of this year! We'll stay open until all of our slots are full.

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Thanks for considering us. :)

New Fursuit: Natalie Ceviche Lima (Husky)

Natalie made her debut at RMFC this past weekend.

Click for more pictures!

On June 1st we'll be taking commissions again!

Slots will range from September to December of this year; they will be first come, first serve for those who have proper 3 view concept art ready. We'll stay open until all of our slots are filled.

A link to the quote form will be posted here on the 1st.

Thanks for considering us! :D

New Fursuit: Altrus

liamhaas and I just finished this red fox!

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New Fursuit: Rurik

We just finished up this guy and sent him out to his owner. He's a ferret! In this particular picture the model is smaller than the owner, but we do have some awesome outdoor shots of the owner wearing it in our gallery (thanks to morning_dragon)!

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We had our first official Luskwood photoshoot at Further Confusion this year!

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! Adam, Buteo, Kreggan, eltee, Vifyfox, Keovi, Rococo and Liam - thank you all!

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New Fursuit: Vifyfox

The third (and final - whew) suit you'll see at FC from us. :)

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New Fursuit: Rococo

The second new suit for FC (out of three) for us this year. Note that I'm quite a bit shorter than the actual owner so ignore the bagginess, especially in the legs. ;)

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Edit: It's hard to tell with the funky colors but it's a raccoon. :)

New Fursuit: Keovi

One of three new suits that you will see at Further Confusion from us!

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